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Entrée    Serves  two     $ 9.00

Chicken Sauté mushroom Sauce: with onion, garlic, cream, served on pasta, green bean or rice

Chicken or Beef Enchilada: with tortilla, tomato sauce, green red pepper, spinach, cheese.

Coconut Chicken Curry: with lemon grass and vegetables on jasmine rice.

South Western Style Dish: with ground beef, turkey, tomato, olive, served on corn bread.

Pasta Meat Sauce: with ground beef, pasta sauce garlic, herbs .cheese

Beef Brisket: slow cook beef brisket in our marinade on scallop potatoes, green beans or jasmine rice

Flank steak served on mashed potatoes, green beans or jasmine rice

Spaghetti and meatballs: beef, herbs, our own tomato sauce and chesses.

Meat and spinach Lasagna: spinach, ground beef, tomato, cheese.

Vegetables lasagna: squash, spinach, zucchini, mushroom, cheese.

Salmon Fillet: with dill cream sauce on scallop potatoes, green bean or jasmine rice

Seafood Pasta: crab and shrimp with cream sauce on pasta

Beef Bourguignon: beef stew in burgundy sauce serve on scallop potatoes.

Turkey Orange Sauce: in orange serve on sweet potato/mash potatoes


PIES  9"

Spinach & Mushroom with Turkey bacon, Swiss cheese, seasoning.    $ 12.50

Broccoli and cheese:    $ 12.50

Crab with Swiss cheese, green onion.     $ 19.50

Sweet Onion with cheese. $ 12.50

Tomato and mozzarella. $ 12.50

Chicken pot pie. $ 12.50

Shrimp Tamale with cheese custard    $ 22.50

Shepherd’s Pie: ground beef, green peas on garlic mash potato.   $ 12.50


Salad   by the pound

Pasta: celery, onion, egg, mayo red pepper , black olive, herbs $ 4.95

Chicken: red onion, grape, celery, herbs, almond $ 6.00

Potato: green red onion, celery, egg, relish, balsamic. $ 4.95

Seafood: crab, shrimp in citrus dressing $ 11.95

Tabbouleh: Couscous, mint, cucumber, parsley. $ 5.95

Field of green: cherry tomato ,feta cheese, raspberry vinaigrette. $ 4.95

Cranberry delight: whole cranberry, strawberry, pineapple. $ 6.00


SOUP   From $ 8.00 to $ 1200

in 32oz glass jar (return the jar and get a $ 1.00 credit on next purchases)

Creamy Tomato basil: Tomato, basil, herbs, cream, butter.

Tomato basil: Dairy and gluten free

Mushroom and Brie bisque

Shrimp, crab and corn bisque

Chicken Caldo

Garden vegetable

Carrot, Ginger and Rice

Chicken Noodle

Broccoli and chesses

Beef and Pinto bean